2017 Global Loot League Pre-Season Grand Final

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GLL Pre-Season Grand Final
2017 Global Loot League PreSeason.png
Tournament Information
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountrySweden Sweden
Start Date2017-12-10
End Date2017-12-10
WinnerTeam Kinguinlogo std.pngTeam Kinguin
SecondAgainst All authoritylogo std.pngagainst All authority
ThirdTeam Randomlogo std.pngRandom
FourthGhost Gaminglogo std.pngGhost Gaming



  • 18 teams
  • 4 players per team
  • 7 matches
  • Points awarded based on finishing position and kills
  • Winner based on net point score

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows:[1]

Placement Points
1st 200
2nd 150
3rd 125
4th 100
5th 90
6th 80
7th 70
8th 60
9th 50
10th 40
11th 20
12-14th 10
15-20th 0
Kills Points
1 kill 5
2 kills 10
3 kills 15
4 kills 20
5 kills 27
6 kills 34
7 kills 41
8 kills 48
9 kills 55
10 kills 65
11 + kills 10/kill

Prize Pool

Each player on a placing team received the following items:

Place Prize (%) Prize (Real and In-Game Item) Team
Gold.png 1st - Golden Level 3 Helmet and In-Game School Skirt Team Kinguinlogo std.png Team Kinguin
Silver.png 2nd - Silver Level 3 Helmet and In-Game Red High Top Trainers Against All authoritylogo std.png against All authority
Bronze.png 3rd - Bronze Level 3 Helmet and In-Game Black Pleated Mini-Skirt Team Randomlogo std.png Team Random
Copper.png 4th - - Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Gaming
5th - - Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy
6th - - FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest
7th - - Hooliganslogo std.png Hooligans
8th - - Theatre of Mayhemlogo std.png Theatre of Mayhem
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Team Final
Team Kinguinlogo std.png Team Kinguin 1
Team Kinguinlogo std.png Team Kinguin 1144
Team Kinguinlogo std.png Team Kinguin 58
Against All authoritylogo std.png against All authority 2
Against All authoritylogo std.png against All authority 1013
Against All authoritylogo std.png against All authority 45
Team Randomlogo std.png Team Random 3
Team Randomlogo std.png Team Random 792
Team Randomlogo std.png Team Random 30
Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Gaming 4
Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Gaming 790
Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Gaming 36
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy 5
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy 622
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy 24
FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest 6
FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest 597
FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest 26
Hooliganslogo std.png Hooligans 7
Hooliganslogo std.png Hooligans 579
Hooliganslogo std.png Hooligans 19
Theatre of Mayhemlogo std.png Theatre of Mayhem 8
Theatre of Mayhemlogo std.png Theatre of Mayhem 559
Theatre of Mayhemlogo std.png Theatre of Mayhem 17
FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clan 9
FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clan 531
FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clan 31
Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas 10
Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas 523
Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas 20
HAVU Gaminglogo std.png HAVU Gaming 11
HAVU Gaminglogo std.png HAVU Gaming 523
HAVU Gaminglogo std.png HAVU Gaming 12
BlanQlogo std.png BlanQ 12
BlanQlogo std.png BlanQ 438
BlanQlogo std.png BlanQ 23
Roninlogo std.png Ronin 13
Roninlogo std.png Ronin 352
Roninlogo std.png Ronin 20
GAMBINOlogo std.png GAMBINO 14
GAMBINOlogo std.png GAMBINO 347
GAMBINOlogo std.png GAMBINO 29
PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Sports 15
PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Sports 245
PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Sports 23
Team Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid 16
Team Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid 240
Team Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid 11
AzimutLobbylogo std.png AzimutLobby 17
AzimutLobbylogo std.png AzimutLobby 229
AzimutLobbylogo std.png AzimutLobby 11
Quickmathlogo std.png Quickmath 18
Quickmathlogo std.png Quickmath 228
Quickmathlogo std.png Quickmath 16


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  1. IEM Oakland Invitational Rules - pubg.iemoakland.com