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Curse PUBG Series
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The Curse PUBG Series of online PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS events is a monthly community/competitive series featuring professional players and influencers competing for a chance to win a portion of a cash prizepool.

  • The Curse Trials series of events hosts squads (teams of four) in 16 team lobbies.
  • The Curse Rivals series of events hosts duos (teams of two) in 32 team lobbies.

Map Selection

Map selection varies on a month to month basis and depends largely on patch stability on any given month.

First Person

The Curse PUBG Series is hosted solely as a first-person (FPP) event. The first Curse Trials, hosted in July of 2017 was the very first FPP event hosted for PUBG.


The Curse PUBG Series of events is traditionally an international event, hosting teams from all over Europe and North America on a regular basis. In June and July of 2018 Curse hosted two region-restricted events for the first time in partnership with Twitch.


All matches in the Curse Trials and Curse Rivals are livestreamed and casted to the Official Curse Twitch channel.


The Curse Trials and Curse Rivals are casted by Alex and Travis. Both Alex and Travis are employees of Curse, working on different teams internally for a number of years. The Curse Trials began as a pet project and grew from Alex and Travis' love for the game. The first five events hosted by Curse featured physical prizing, from trophies to branded Curse Trials apparel, the event didn't see cash prizepools until February of 2018 when the ban on significant cash prizepools was lifted by PUBG Corp.


To-date the Curse PUBG Series has awarded over $50,000 in cash prizing to winners and has hosted every major gaming organization involved in PUBG.

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