Huya Destiny Cup 2018

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Huya Destiny Cup 2018
Huya Destiny Cup 2018 Banner.jpg
Tournament Information
Prize Pool¥ 1,000,000
Number of Teams16
Location & Dates
ModeSquad FPP
CountryChina China
Start Date2018-10-17
End Date2018-10-19
WinnerSnake TClogo std.pngSnake TC
SecondVictory Fivelogo std.pngVictory Five
ThirdEDward Gaminglogo std.pngEDward Gaming
FourthWZ Gaminglogo std.pngWZ Gaming



  • 16 teams from qualifiers
  • 3 days matches
  • 7 games per day

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows:

  • Every kill is worth 15 points
Placement Points Placement Points
1st 500 11th 80
2nd 410 12th 65
3rd 345 13th 50
4th 295 14th 40
5th 250 15th 30
6th 210 16th 20
7th 175 17th 15
8th 145 18th 10
9th 120 19th 5
10th 100 20th 0

Qualification Pool

¥ 1,000,000 Chinese Yuan Renminbi are spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (%) Prize (CNY) Points Team
Gold.png 1 50% ¥ 500,000 1000 Snake TClogo std.png Snake TC
Silver.png 2 15% ¥ 150,000 700 Victory Fivelogo std.png Victory Five
Bronze.png 3 8% ¥ 80,000 560 EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDward Gaming
Copper.png 4 - - 450 WZ Gaminglogo std.png WZ Gaming
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Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Qualifier #2
China Accerio
China AFF
China MiLu
China Reve
Qualifier #3
China AiDi
China GoodBoy
China JiaoZi
China Ql
Qualifier #6
China 177xl
China MoooLu
China Ndfu
China Runaway
Qualifier #8
China F0restWen
China shou
China shox
China qmcc
Qualifier #10
China Cpt
China Forever
China GodV
China GuCun
Qualifier #11
China 2xing
China Lsn
China Mangza1
China XiaoDu
Qualifier #12
China Karlxigua
China Onion
China PipI
China Ydd
Qualifier #13
China 577
China away
China HaShen
China whoAy
Qualifier #14
China Anq1an
China Arui
China bgOdhz
China iccll
Qualifier #16
China Ailx
China Bluhhff
China Lee99
China ShuFu


Team Final
Snake TClogo std.png Snake TC 1
Snake TClogo std.png Snake TC 6535
Snake TClogo std.png Snake TC 108
Victory Fivelogo std.png Victory Five 2
Victory Fivelogo std.png Victory Five 5890
Victory Fivelogo std.png Victory Five 98
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDward Gaming 3
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDward Gaming 5820
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDward Gaming 88
WZ Gaminglogo std.png WZ Gaming 4
WZ Gaminglogo std.png WZ Gaming 5685
WZ Gaminglogo std.png WZ Gaming 67
Mystic Knightlogo std.png Mystic Knight 5
Mystic Knightlogo std.png Mystic Knight 5285
Mystic Knightlogo std.png Mystic Knight 77
Four Angry Menlogo std.png Four Angry Men 6
Four Angry Menlogo std.png Four Angry Men 5230
Four Angry Menlogo std.png Four Angry Men 101
Luminous Stars Gaminglogo std.png Luminous Stars Gaming 7
Luminous Stars Gaminglogo std.png Luminous Stars Gaming 5145
Luminous Stars Gaminglogo std.png Luminous Stars Gaming 75
JD Gaminglogo std.png JD Gaming 8
JD Gaminglogo std.png JD Gaming 5130
JD Gaminglogo std.png JD Gaming 73
17 Gaminglogo std.png 17 Gaming 9
17 Gaminglogo std.png 17 Gaming 4970
17 Gaminglogo std.png 17 Gaming 74
Elephantlogo std.png Elephant 10
Elephantlogo std.png Elephant 4945
Elephantlogo std.png Elephant 61
IDS E-Sportslogo std.png iDS E-Sports 11
IDS E-Sportslogo std.png iDS E-Sports 4245
IDS E-Sportslogo std.png iDS E-Sports 81
Dae Gaminglogo std.png Dae Gaming 12
Dae Gaminglogo std.png Dae Gaming 4225
Dae Gaminglogo std.png Dae Gaming 62
For The Futurelogo std.png For The Future 13
For The Futurelogo std.png For The Future 3875
For The Futurelogo std.png For The Future 71
XY Gaminglogo std.png XY Gaming 14
XY Gaminglogo std.png XY Gaming 3850
XY Gaminglogo std.png XY Gaming 64
Ark Game Teamlogo std.png Ark Game Team 15
Ark Game Teamlogo std.png Ark Game Team 3705
Ark Game Teamlogo std.png Ark Game Team 70
X-Questlogo std.png X-Quest 16
X-Questlogo std.png X-Quest 3655
X-Questlogo std.png X-Quest 75




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