IEM Katowice 2018/Closed North American Qualifier

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IEM Katowice 2018 NA Closed Qualifier
Prize na iem.jpg
Tournament Information
Location & Dates
 North America
Event TypeOnline
CountryUnited States United States
Start Date2018-01-28
End Date2018-01-28
WinnerNoble Esportslogo std.pngNoble
SecondCloud9logo std.pngCloud9
ThirdOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming
FourthTeam Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy



  • 16 teams
  • Points awarded based on finishing position and kills
  • Winner based on net point score

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows:

  • Every kill is worth 10 points
Placement Points
1st 400
2nd 300
3rd 240
4th 200
5th 165
6th 135
7th 110
8th 90
9th 75
10th 65
11th 55
12th 46
13th 38
14th 32
15th 27
16th 23

Prize Pool

Place Qualification Team
Qualified.png Q IEM Katowice 2018 Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble Esports
Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming
Copper.png 4th - Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy
5th - The God Squadlogo std.png The God Squad
6th - Team Gateslogo std.png Team Gates
7th - FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest
8th - GAMBINOlogo std.png GAMBINO
9th - Logo std.png Relevant
10th - Logo std.png Relentless
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Team Final R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble Esports 1 1
Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble Esports 1355
Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble Esports 34
Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 2 13
Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 1191
Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 25
OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming 3 3
OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming 1088
OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming 37
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy 4 2
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy 997
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy 22
The God Squadlogo std.png The God Squad 5 10
The God Squadlogo std.png The God Squad 996
The God Squadlogo std.png The God Squad 27
Team Gateslogo std.png Team Gates 6 5
Team Gateslogo std.png Team Gates 930
Team Gateslogo std.png Team Gates 19
FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest 7 14
FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest 907
FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest 20
GAMBINOlogo std.png GAMBINO 8 7
GAMBINOlogo std.png GAMBINO 857
GAMBINOlogo std.png GAMBINO 16
Logo std.png Relevant 9 8
Logo std.png Relevant 824
Logo std.png Relevant 19
Logo std.png Relentless 10 6
Logo std.png Relentless 783
Logo std.png Relentless 19
Spacestation Gaminglogo std.png Spacestation Gaming 11 15
Spacestation Gaminglogo std.png Spacestation Gaming 644
Spacestation Gaminglogo std.png Spacestation Gaming 10
EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited 12 12
EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited 618
EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited 11
Team Totalitylogo std.png Team Totality 13 11
Team Totalitylogo std.png Team Totality 592
Team Totalitylogo std.png Team Totality 14
Logo std.png Smokin' Aces 14 4
Logo std.png Smokin' Aces 414
Logo std.png Smokin' Aces 4
Logo std.png Triumph 15 9
Logo std.png Triumph 358
Logo std.png Triumph 3
Corn Shuckerslogo std.png Corn Shuckers 16 16
Corn Shuckerslogo std.png Corn Shuckers 301
Corn Shuckerslogo std.png Corn Shuckers 5


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