Oh My God

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Oh My God
Oh My Godlogo square.png
Team Information
Location: China China
Region: Asia
Coaches: Tang "XiaoYao" Shi
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Oh My God is a Chinese team.



  • 2018
  • 2017
  • Autumn (approx.), team is formed.

Player Roster


C ID Name Role
China xiaorong Laio Liang-Guang 01 Captain
China lionkk Yao Hao 11 Starter
China silentBT Wang Yan 11 Starter
China xiaohaixxxx Zhang Jin-Hai 11 Starter
China YangXiaoLong Zhang Zhi-Hao (章智浩) 03 Substitute

Out On Loan

C ID Name Role Loaned To Duration
China 86 03 Sub QM Gaminglogo std.png QM Gaming 2018-06-07 to 2018-08-07


C ID Name Role Next Team
China WangLaohu 02 Player
China se 02 Player
China HM 02 Player
China ivan 02 Player
China m4gololx 02 Player


C ID Name Position
China XiaoYao Tang Shi (唐诗) Coach
China Tuotuo Coach
China Linda Manager

Team Achievements


Tournament Results - Show Prize as (Local • USDEurosLocal • USD • EurosLocalUSD • Euros)
2018-07-29A11$ 400,000$ 400,000$ 400,000PGI 2018 logo.png PGI 2018 - FPP lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-07-26A44$ 60,000$ 60,000$ 60,000PGI 2018 logo.png PGI 2018 - TPP lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-06-03A55¥ 30,000¥ 30,000¥ 30,000PCPI logo.png PCPI 2018 - TPP lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-06-01A11¥ 600,000¥ 600,000¥ 600,000PCPI logo.png PCPI 2018 - FPP lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-05-29B111PCPI logo.png PCPI 2018 Qualifiers lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-04-27A33$ 18000 AUD$ 18000 AUD$ 18000 AUDUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png PUBG Australia Invitational 2018 86,  lionkk,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-04-15B212QGClogo small.png QGC Spring Invitational 2018 lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-04-07A33¥ 60,000¥ 60,000¥ 60,000LKP logo.png Longzhu King of PUBG Championship 86,  lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaorong
2018-03-25A55$ 2,000$ 2,000$ 2,000PGLlogo small.png PGL PUBG Spring Invitational 2018 lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-03-14A66¥ 6,000¥ 6,000¥ 6,000QMTVlogo small.png QuanMinTV Lunar New Year Cup lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaohaixxxx,  xiaorong
2018-01-27B010ZQTVlogo small.png Zhanqi TV King of Miramar Week 3
2018-01-20B717ZQTVlogo small.png Zhanqi TV King of Miramar Week 2
2018-01-20A44¥ 20,000¥ 20,000¥ 20,000Huyalogo small.png Huya Destiny Cup Hm,  lionkk,  silentBT,  xiaorong
2018-01-13A44¥ 15,000¥ 15,000¥ 15,000ZQTVlogo small.png Zhanqi TV King of Miramar Week 1
2018-01-07A44PSSlogo small.png PSS Beta Season Chinese Qualifiers m4gololx,  xiaorong,  silentBT,  Hm
2017-12-09B010¥ 10,000¥ 10,000¥ 10,000Douyulogo small.png Douyu PUBG Gold Series S2 m4gololx,  xiaorong,  WangLaohu,  Hm,  silentBT
2017-11-22A22¥ 40,000¥ 40,000¥ 40,000LZlogo small.png Longzhu PUBG Invitational silentBT,  m4gololx,  HM,  xiaorong
2017-11-19B717Kakaologo small.png G-Star 2017 PUBG Asia Invitational - Squad m4gololx,  se,  WangLaohu,  Hm
Total Prize: USD 462,000 • CNY 781,000 • AUD 18,000


Tournament Results - Show Prize as (Local • USDEurosLocal • USD • EurosLocalUSD • Euros)
2017-11-17A33₩ 15,000,000₩ 15,000,000₩ 15,000,000Kakaologo small.png G-Star 2017 PUBG Asia Invitational - Duo big,   karlxigua
Total Prize: KRW 15,000,000


Oh My God Tournament Results
Date Place Prize Event Player
2017-11-18 A33 ₩ 8,000,000 G-Star 2017 PUBG Asia Invitational - Solo m4gololx
Total earnings: (No Monetary Prizes Recorded)




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