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Featured Events
NPL logo.png
Feb 15 - Feb 16
Final Results

1. Tempo Stormlogo std.png Tempo Storm 67
2. Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy 64
3. Spacestation Gaminglogo std.png Spacestation 60
4. Smokin Aceslogo std.png Smokin Aces 56
5. Wildcard Gaminglogo std.png Wildcard Gaming 53
6. Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 51
7. ENDEMIClogo std.png ENDEMIC 49
8. Lazaruslogo std.png Lazarus 48
9. Why Tempt Fatelogo std.png Why Tempt Fate 41
10. Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble 40
11. Shoot To Killlogo std.png Shoot To Kill 37
12. Vicious Gaminglogo std.png Vicious Gaming 35
13. EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited 34
14. Oxymoronlogo std.png Oxymoron 28
15. Simplicitylogo std.png Simplicity 25
16. Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Gaming 23

Latest News
February 20
X-Questlogo std.png XQ Mamu, Return7777, and Yuren join. Corba becomes the sub. dyp joins as coach. XiaoXS joins as assistant coach. WanTong joins as leader. Biubiu moves to manager. 2xing, 015, MangZa1, Skryang, Xiamu, and Z9Max leave.
February 19
17 Gaminglogo std.png 17 SkrAKzzZ (previously AK) joins as the sub. Hmxlv5 and msjoy join as coach. Lucifer joins as leader and assistant coach. molu88 joins as manager. qmcc, 4s4s, Chicken, and Someone leave.
X-Questlogo std.png XQ AK leaves.
February 18
Super Survivors Squadlogo std.png SSS DYY, JWg (previously kantaA), lulu, RyaNNNNNN (previously RyaNNNNNNiKo), and XingXing join. kongmu and Lsn leave.
FunPlus Phoenixlogo std.png FPX RyaNNNNNNiKo leaves.
February 11
Griffin Redlogo std.png GRF R Team rebrands from Griffinlogo std.png Griffin. BreakNeck, Curious, Draft, and Merald join. kyj joins as coach.
Griffin Whitelogo std.png GRF W Roster and slot of Astricklogo std.png Astrick is acquired. GodMin, Nelita, ohjungje, and SoMaz join. kyj joins as coach.
February 09
PUBG Esportslogo small.png
Houlow receives a lifetime competitive ban for registering for PEL Online Qualifiers with a new account despite a previous competitive ban.
PUBG Esportslogo small.png
dratx receives a 2-yearcompetitive ban for registering for PEL Online Qualifiers with a new account despite a previous in-game ban.
February 05
Leggo Your Egologo std.png LGYE Thirdline joins. Lorlax leaves.
Logo std.png Susquehanna Soniqs Team is formed by the former roster of Team Gates.
Mustache Davelogo std.png MD Roster is formed by the former roster of Don't Let'em Getcha.

PELlogo small.png  
Feb ?? - Mar ??
  PEL 2019 Phase 1
PELlogo small.png  
Feb 21 - Mar 14
  PEL Contenders 2019 Phase 1
APPLlogo small.png  
Feb 15 - Feb 17
  Asia Pacific Predator League 2019
PKLlogo small.png  
Feb 11 - Mar 23
  PKL 2019 Phase 1
NPLlogo small.png  
Feb 5 - Mar 5
  NPL Contenders Phase 1
NPLlogo small.png  
Feb 1 - Mar 9
  NPL 2019 Phase 1
NELlogo small.png  
Jan 14 - Jan 20
  Nordic Esports League Season 4
NPLlogo small.png  
Jan 7 - Jan 13
  NPL 2019 Preseason
PAIlogo small.png  
Jan 10 - Jan 12
  PUBG Asia Invitational 2019
NESTlogo small.png  
Dec 15 - Dec 16
  NEST 2018
NELlogo small.png  
Dec 17 - Dec 18
  Nordic Esports League Season 3
PELlogo small.png  
Dec 12 - Dec 17
  PEL 2019 Qualifiers
NELlogo small.png  
Dec 3 - Dec 16
  Nordic Esports League Season 2
GLLlogo small.png  
Dec 6 - Dec 8
  GLL Season 3 Grand Finals
MetalHogs PUBG League logo.png  
Dec 6 - Dec 9
  MPL Season 2 Finals
PKLlogo small.png
Dec 1
  PKL Season 2 Finals
PUBGOlogo small.png  
Nov 2 - Nov 26
  NA PUBGOnline S2 Showdown
PITlogo small.png  
Nov 24 - Nov 25
  OGA PIT Season 3
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