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PUBG Europe League/2019 Season/Qualifiers/Middle East and Africa

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PUBG Europe League 2019 MEA Qualifiers
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Tournament Information
Location & Dates
CountryEurope Europe
Start Date2018-10-27
End Date2018-11-02
QualifiedCrew Esportslogo std.pngCrew Esports
Griffinslogo std.pngGriffins
Team Readylogo std.pngTeam Ready
Team Chargerslogo std.pngTeam Chargers



Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows:

  • Every kill is worth 16 points
Placement Points Placement Points
1st 400 9th 100
2nd 330 10th 80
3rd 280 11th 60
4th 240 12th 40
5th 210 13th 30
6th 180 14th 20
7th 150 15th 10
8th 120 16th 0

Prize Pool

Place Qualification Team
Qualified.png Q LAN Qualifiers Crew Esportslogo std.png Crew Esports
Griffinslogo std.png Griffins
Team Readylogo std.png Team Ready
Team Chargerslogo std.png Team Chargers
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Team Final
Crew Esportslogo std.png Crew Esports 1
Crew Esportslogo std.png Crew Esports 1850
Crew Esportslogo std.png Crew Esports 35
Griffinslogo std.png Griffins 2
Griffinslogo std.png Griffins 1598
Griffinslogo std.png Griffins 33
Team Readylogo std.png Team Ready 3
Team Readylogo std.png Team Ready 1414
Team Readylogo std.png Team Ready 24
Team Chargerslogo std.png Team Chargers 4
Team Chargerslogo std.png Team Chargers 1212
Team Chargerslogo std.png Team Chargers 17
Logo std.png TOA.GXT 5
Logo std.png TOA.GXT 1070
Logo std.png TOA.GXT 20
Mod-Z eSportslogo std.png Mod-Z eSports 6
Mod-Z eSportslogo std.png Mod-Z eSports 852
Mod-Z eSportslogo std.png Mod-Z eSports 12
Logo std.png ANT eSports 7
Logo std.png ANT eSports 804
Logo std.png ANT eSports 9
Logo std.png Place Owners 8
Logo std.png Place Owners 698
Logo std.png Place Owners 13
Logo std.png NO WAY 9
Logo std.png NO WAY 552
Logo std.png NO WAY 12
Logo std.png Cynical Team 10
Logo std.png Cynical Team 550
Logo std.png Cynical Team 10
Logo std.png Dark Passage Academy 11
Logo std.png Dark Passage Academy 476
Logo std.png Dark Passage Academy 11
Logo std.png JustMine eSports 12
Logo std.png JustMine eSports 382
Logo std.png JustMine eSports 7
Logo std.png KEEL OVER 13
Logo std.png KEEL OVER 348
Logo std.png KEEL OVER 8
Logo std.png Team AURORA 14
Logo std.png Team AURORA 328
Logo std.png Team AURORA 3
Logo std.png ICE Warriors 15
Logo std.png ICE Warriors 316
Logo std.png ICE Warriors 6
Logo std.png INTRUDERS 16
Logo std.png INTRUDERS 134
Logo std.png INTRUDERS 4




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