PUBG Survival Series/Season 2/Finals

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Regular Season   Finals    

PSS Season 2 Finals
PSS logo.png
Tournament Information
Prize Pool70,000,000 KRW
Location & Dates
Event TypeOffline
CountrySouth Korea South Korea
Start Date2018-07-07
End Date2018-07-07
WinnerOP Gaminglogo std.png OP Rangers
SecondGen.G Goldlogo std.png Gen.G Gold
ThirdMVPlogo std.png MVP
FourthOGN Entuslogo std.png OGN Entus Force



    • Top 20 teams from Regular Season
    • 5 matches
      • 1st and 2nd matches: Miramar Map
      • 3rd, 4th, 5th matches: Erangel Map

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows:

  • Every kill is worth 15 points
Placement Points Placement Points
1st 500 11th 150
2nd 395 12th 135
3rd 350 13th 125
4th 315 14th 110
5th 285 15th 100
6th 260 16th 95
7th 240 17th 85
8th 220 18th 80
9th 200 19th 70
10th 185 20th 65

Prize Pool

₩ 70,000,000 South Korean Won are spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (%) Prize (KRW) Team
Gold.png 1st 71.43% ₩ 50,000,000 OP Gaminglogo std.png OP Gaming Rangers
Silver.png 2nd 14.29% ₩ 10,000,000 Gen.G Goldlogo std.png Gen.G Gold
Bronze.png 3rd 7.14% ₩ 5,000,000 MVPlogo std.png MVP
Copper.png 4th 4.29% ₩ 3,000,000 OGN Entuslogo std.png OGN Entus Force
5th- 2.86% ₩ 2,000,000 Media Bridge MCNlogo std.png Media Bridge MCN
6th - - Actoz Stars Redlogo std.png Actoz Stars Red
7th - - X-Questlogo std.png X-Quest
8th - - OP Gaminglogo std.png OP Gaming Hunters
9th - - NightWolflogo std.png NightWolf Korea
10th - - Zod Gaminglogo std.png zod Gaming
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Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Regular Season #1
South Korea Merald
South Korea Style
South Korea Klocky
South Korea Curious
Regular Season #2
South Korea NoVA
South Korea Wooki
South Korea YoungDai
South Korea Under
Regular Season #3
South Korea PROUD
South Korea CRANK
South Korea VINO
South Korea Hexa
Regular Season #4
South Korea Chelator
South Korea EscA
South Korea Loki
South Korea SimSn
Regular Season #5
South Korea 4DollarOK
South Korea Makne
South Korea BBABBO
South Korea BlasterX
Regular Season #6
South Korea ESTH3R
South Korea Gramatic
South Korea SexyPIG
South Korea YoonRoot
Regular Season #7
South Korea paenG
South Korea Blue
South Korea EZPZMAN
South Korea 0tan
Regular Season #8
South Korea UNUGIL
South Korea Rozar
South Korea Daehwi
South Korea HukHyun
Regular Season #9
South Korea Jayden
South Korea JAESNA
South Korea Shadow
South Korea R0wha
Regular Season #10
South Korea zod
South Korea MotoK
South Korea PadaK
South Korea nnu2k
Regular Season #11
South Korea Starlord
South Korea ironman
South Korea Hulk
South Korea CaptainA
Regular Season #12
South Korea Indigo
South Korea Yakk
South Korea hyoil
South Korea kAyle
Regular Season #13
South Korea SADO
South Korea Rurizzang
South Korea Xerazzang
Regular Season #14
South Korea BIGSAN
South Korea School
South Korea Edward
South Korea MNNyong
Regular Season #15
South Korea taemin
South Korea Elca
South Korea BreakNeck
South Korea Menteul
Regular Season #16
South Korea Cariod
South Korea 1001
South Korea Aqua
South Korea SSAEWOO
Regular Season #17
South Korea hyMIN
South Korea Miracle
South Korea Larm
South Korea HunSeock
Regular Season #18
China CheShen
China mangza1
China xiaodu
China Z9Max
Regular Season #20
1My King wothdrawed.





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